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Zhuhai Turnover Plastic EU Logistics Box Auto Parts Turnover Box Warehousing Eu Turnover Box 4316 Direct Wholesale
The EU series standard stackable logistics turnover box is the European standard logistics box used by TOYOTA Motor Company in the world. EU4316 dimensions are: External dimensions: 400*300*175mm Internal size: 365*265*160mm Order hotline: 17722048755
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Tanzhou Turnover Plastic No. 29 Logistics Box 610*420*310mm_Hardware Accessories 29# Box
The design of the edge of the injection box is the biggest difference between the two boxes. The edge design of the HP box breaks through the traditional concept, and the scientific bayonet design makes the stack of boxes completely tightly integrated and not easy to slide. It is a stack of boxes. The stack is more tidy, and the goods are safer and more reliable during transportation. Order hotline: 18926930362
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Zhongshan hollow board display stand
Hollow board (also known as Wantong board, corrugated board, PP board) is a new type of packaging material, and it is widely used in all walks of life. It is non-toxic, non-polluting, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, anti-aging, It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, and the products made of hollow boards with rich colors are also very beautiful. Compared with the traditional packaging materials on the market, the hollow boards are more environmentally friendly, more durable, more affordable and more beautiful. Sistar hollow board has a wide range of uses: PP hollow board is also called Wantong board because of its wide application and easy use. It is widely used in advertising backgrounds, stationery materials, industrial packaging, product shock resistance, etc. Our most common ones are turnover boxes , Detachable combination box, hollow board display rack, finished product packaging box and partition in the box, etc. Order hotline: 18926930362
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