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Seven steps to customize Zhuhai Seastar hollow board products easily


1. Free telephone consultation and negotiation

Call the national toll-free service hotline 13326620209

Describe your product requirements in detail, such as hollow board size, color, structure, material characteristics, etc. or provide design drawings.

2. Free design proofing

In order to give you a better understanding of the customized products, our designers and engineering department will design samples according to your requirements, and then confirm the production after you are satisfied.


3, sign the purchase contract

When you are sure to buy our products and are satisfied with the samples, we will sign a purchase contract with you and reach an effective contract with each other. The contract reflects the unit price, specifications, delivery date, quality requirements, etc. of the product you ordered, and pay the contract deposit accordingly .


4. Arrange production for the production department

After the contract is signed, we will arrange the production department to produce as required.


5, free customer service one-to-one documentary service

After the customer signs a contract with our company, we will arrange a specific customer service staff to connect with you and give feedback on the production progress of the ordered product in a timely manner.


6, factory quality inspection, complete delivery

One day before the customer’s customized products leave the factory, the customer service staff will contact you in detail with the product quantity and remittance amount, and the customer’s designated location for delivery or freight delivery.


7, free after-sales service

We have opened a 24-hour after-sales service, and provide help when you need us to avoid your worries.

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