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Company structure

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Zhuhai Seastar Packaging Material Co., Ltd. is an earlier professional manufacturer of logistics containers, pallets, storage shelves, workshop equipment, equipment, handling equipment and other products in China. Over the years, the company has gradually expanded its production scale according to market demand and has become a domestic manufacturer. One of the largest suppliers of warehousing and logistics products.

The company has a professional design team composed of senior engineers who have been engaged in product design and manufacturing for many years. For many years, CSTAR has been guided by customer needs and relied on advanced logistics technology, scientific management experience and concepts to gradually develop logistics containers, Four series of products including workstation equipment, warehousing facilities, and handling equipment. Well-known logistics planning experts are hired to provide professional logistics system design, which basically meets the requirements of various manufacturing companies, research institutions, universities and colleges on warehousing logistics products. And the professional needs of the program.

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