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Zhuhai Seastar Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional hollow board manufacturer, which mainly produces hollow boards and hollow board turnover boxes of various materials, colors, sizes, specifications, and thicknesses. In order to avoid customers worrying about whether the hollow plates they buy meet their own requirements during the process of purchasing hollow plates, we are launching a free sample delivery activity. In order to send samples to meet your requirements, customers should pay attention to the following points when leaving product information :

1. Size: such as: hollow board flat plate: 2400mm*1200mm (length * width);

2. Thickness: The thickness of the general plate is 2-12mm;

3. Weight: The general standard weight is: 2 mm (400 grams); 3 mm (500 grams); 4mm (700 grams): 5mm (850 grams), 6mm (1200 grams), 7mm (1700 grams), 8mm (1800) Gram), 9mm (1800 grams), 10mm (2000 grams), 11mm (2000 grams), 12mm (2200 grams), we can also produce special weight hollow boards according to customer needs;

4. Color: such as: blue, black, white, green, yellow, etc.; the color of the product you need may be different when the sample is sent, but in the future production process we can follow the customer's offer The color to produce for you more in line with your requirements.

Xistar has an advanced DIY CNC airport, and every proofing is a work of art. As long as you have an idea, our first-class design team can customize a suitable product for you.

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